Peter Adriano DeBiase
US Patent Agent/Senior Technical Translator
PAD Engineering

Multidisciplinary engineer and registered US patent agent specializing in translation and preparation of patent applications in the general fields of electrical, software, and computer engineering, with a focus on technology from Japanese multinationals in verticals including:

  • Semiconductor devices and semiconductor fabrication technologies
    • Microprocessors, power semiconductors, photovoltaics, photolithography, etching, doping, deposition
  • Display technologies
    • LCD, OLED, ELD, electrophoretic (e-paper)
  • Optical devices and measuring instruments
    • Lasers, cameras, microscopes, interferometers, particle size analyzers, spectrometers
  • General electronics
    • Printers, mobile/smart/IoT devices, telecommunications
  • Automotive applications
    • Secondary batteries, fuel cells

July 2010 – Present (9 years)
Technical Localization Consultant
Nintendo of America

On-site and remote collaboration with Nintendo's in-house translation team in Redmond, WA on various ongoing projects including:

  • Localization of Nintendo 3DS/Wii U/Switch SDK libraries and software development documentation
    • Graphics, animation, sound, network communication, social networking, and resource management libraries for use in game application development
  • Localization of online software management and application registration tools for software developers
  • Translation of confidential correspondence with software engineers from company headquarters in Kyoto
April 2012 – Present (7.5 years)
US Patent Agent
Reg. No. 77,431
Sept. 2018
Master of Engineering
Focus in Technical Japanese
May 2014
Bachelor of Science
Aerospace Engineering (summa cum laude)
May 2011
Active Member
Associate Member
JLPT Level N1
Dec. 2013
Exchange Program
Japanese Language and Culture Training
Summer 2010

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